White-label investment platform FinBox
Helping brokers and banks launch their own investment mobile apps fast and cost-effective

Our flagship product Mobile app
Flexible, convenient and reliable authorization process
Immediate card deposits
Trade stocks, bonds and ETF
An easy to use interface aimed to meet the needs of non-professional traders, best bonds trading interface
Flexible and comprehensive feature adoption and planing process: roboadviser, personalized news feed, built-in training content, demo accounts, advanced analytics, etc.
FinBox is not just a mobile app, but an API platform
Services that were developed:
• Mobile apps (iOS and Android)
• Broker's Dashboard
• Invest Battle game
• Telegram chat-bot
In development:
• Roboadviser
• Talk Bank chat-bot
A tool that helps launch your own investment services quickly and easily
for brokers and banks

We save time and money to launch digital services

We help to create

new profit streams

We create channel for acquisition new customers

We increase the loyalty

of existing customers

Successful case №1
Financial group
3 months

Completed integration with a broker

2 weeks

Launched White Label app for Absolute Bank


of clients chose our platform instead of traditional trading systems (Quik/Meta Trader)


started using our platform together with traditional solutions

+ 7%

activated clients from an inactive database

+ 24%

overall revenue raised by $1.2 bln due to newly-activated clients (24%)

Successful case №2
Financial group
- 61%

customer acquisition cost lowered (from $100 to $49) after implementig our solution

+ 25%

new active clients acquired by us (compared to the previous year)

In addition to the possibility of using agents to attract customers through the partner platform, we have implemented a scheme to attract customers through a sub-broker scheme

We launched a Personal Account, developed on the basis of our platform, as well as a chatbot and an application for TV-box

We are preparing a joint competition for fintech projects in which startups will launch solutions based on our API

Implementation perspectives
Integration speed and cost per result
Integration time
(development from scratch)
(adaptation of
the current solution)
In-house team
Remote team
Experienced team
FinBox is 60% more cost-effective than outsourcing
and 144% cost-effective than in-house development
In-house development
* Average cost based on a survey of 11 outsourcing developing studios (the cost of creating and maintaining a similar solution)
** Broker's calculations based on the work of a team of 7 people (programmers, managers, designers) with an average market salary
Our experience
More than 9 years at fintech and mobile development
We develop mobile apps that bring businesses measurable value
Finance game
Mobile game aimed to teach teens the ABC of finance
Panda Money
Mobile banking app for teens created with regards to their interests and special needs.
Simple Invest
Mobile app that made investing easy and affordable for beginning investors
Invest Battle
Game app where the players use test accounts to compete for valuable prizes
Absolut Investments
Investments mobile app for the bank's clients
Brokers and bank partners wanted!